Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Workshop

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Skin care is a term used to describe the various ways people treat their skin. This may include chemical-based and natural-based products and treatments that help to minimize wrinkles, improve the health quality of the skin, and improve the overall look of the skin. A course in skin care teaches individuals how to care for skin.

Learning Objectives:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Skin and Hair;
  • Understanding skin types;
  • Treatments for oily and problematic skin;
  • Treatments for dry and sensitive skin;
  • Skin Balancing;
  • The Oxygenation;
  • Skin Hydration;
  • How to reduce excess facial fat;
  • The Different Types of Wrinkles;
  • Wrinkles: Causes, treatment, and prevention;
  • Sagging skin: Causes, treatment and prevention;
  • Anti-aging;
  • Different types of skin spots;
  • Treatments of different types of skin spots;
  • Skin lightening;
  • Skin peeling;
  • Hyaluronic acid – training course;
  • Skin care solutions for Acne;
  • Eye care;
  • Nutrition Training Course;
  • Botox & Dermal filler training course – Theoretical*
  • Mesotherapy training course – Theoretical*
  • Microdermabrasion training course – Theoretical*
  • Laser Hair removal – Theoretical*
  • Galvanic devices and machines (Cataphoresis, Anaphoresis, High frequency);
  • Introduction to Traditional Herbal Medicines;
  • Different types of facial masks – Therapeutic and cosmetic;
  • Hair care
  • Lifting massages;
  • How to Write a Prescription;
  • Skin care training – Practical;


کارگاه مراقبت از پوست و مو skincare

The workshop is taught in a semi-private, intensive and practical manner covering 31 topics over a period of 10 to 12 hours. (Course duration is designed according to the standards of the center, so do not worry about the scheduled time. As the classes are held privately, they would be operational and conceptual).

*Note: The practical training requires a separate registration.

No any specific level of education required for attending this workshop, according to the non-invasive content of regarding courses.

FAQ about Hair and Skin Care Workshop:

1- Who Can Attend the Courses?

Doctors, paramedics, physician assistants, Doctor’s office secretaries, hairdressers, who works in cosmetic companies and People who are looking for job in the field of skin and hair.

2- Why is it essential to take skin care courses for who is going to work in skin care fields?

The skin and hair care workshop is important and sensitive since contains essential contents regarding diagnosis, treatment and prevention and is the first step to provide skin care services. Therefore, all trainees are advised to attend skin and hair care courses before attending other workshops to obtain appropriate training and diagnosis.

3- Is there any need to pass internship at this center for those who graduated in courses which are being held?

At Pasargad, Training and courses are held in the advanced and standard level and there is no need to pass free internship. In case of any requirement, graduated trainees will be introduced to medical centers such as doctors’ offices, hospital and related companies. The recommendation letter will be issued too.

International certificate accredited by the Biocare Academy.

Same as all other Training workshops at Pasargard center, Skin care workshop is being taught by trained teachers and doctors which are accredited by Biocare Academy. International accredited certificate will be provided for the participants.

Online payment and registration in workshop

To Register in the workshops, please send your request on WhatsApp or Telegram using number +98 93 570521. The private payment link will be send after controlling your request and documents.

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